Mission Statement:

Empson (U.S.A.), Inc., the United States center of operations,was formed in 1991 to better serve an ever increasing demand for quality imported wines.

Empson (U.S.A.), Inc. is a leading importer of Italian and other fine wines worldwide. Founded in 1991, the company works with quality and distinctive family-owned estates who are deeply rooted in the excellence of Italian and other renowned terroirs. With Empson, customers have the advantage of working with a team of passionate experts who offer services in wine marketing, logistics, advertising and communications, liaising first-class Italian and other worldwide wineries with renowned international restaurants and wine retailers.

Vision Statement

What Can We Do For You?

At Empson (U.S.A.), Inc. we are committed to showing to the world that Italy is the home to wine excellence. Family, integrity, leadership and authenticity are the four key strengths that have enabled the Empson Company to establish its standout positioning as a pioneer in importing Italian and other fine wines worldwide. Inspiring the wine world through authentic and reliable relationships amongst the team, its customers and the global wine community.

  • Empson USA focuses heavily on the product to value ratio. The American market is saturated with wine offerings, and the ability to consistently provide competitively priced, high quality products is a defining element of our portfolio.
  • Empson USA maintains inventory in two warehouses in the United States to ensure continuity of wine supply.
  • Empson USA is dedicated to education and information sharing. Our website is under constant examination and development, offering new tools, marketing materials, and easy access to third party reviews.

And Why Would You Choose Us?

40 Years

For over 40 years Empson’s commitment to representing quality wines has never wavered. The Empson family has and always will be flanked by a team of highly experienced executives. As the company ownership gradually transitions from one generation to the next, this commitment to their customers remain steadfast.

The global headquarters is still located in Milan, with Empson USA, Empson Canada, and Empson Japan proudly supporting the Empson name and tradition abroad.

50 States

Empson USA has distribution in all 50 states. These long-term partnerships are key in providing continuity of supply to all clients.

Empson USA employs a team of experienced Sales Managers strategically located around the country to support customers on all levels of the three-tier system.


Empson has grown from a two-person organization operating out of an unassuming apartment in Milan to a multinational corporation. The Empson name has become synonymous with excellence, effectively representing over 50 of the finest estates.

Maria’s Artwork

Maria (Gemma) Empson, an artist born in America to a family with deep Italian roots. Her travels through Italy has inspired her to capture the beauty of winemaking in a series of ink, pencil, and watercolor works.

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