The Story

Twenty-seven sports cars... that’s what it takes to start a world-class wine importer

In the late 1960’s, Neil and Maria Empson spent their days buying, restoring, and selling Ferraris and Maseratis. However, during a celebratory trip to Milan, this all changed when Neil and Maria realized that very few of the beautiful wines they fell in love with, would ever reach admirers abroad.

Maria and Neil Empson, a Kiwi whose family cultivated some of the first vineyards in Marlborough, were mesmerized by the rich agriculture of this unspoiled land. At the time, the Italian wine market was self-sustaining, and producers did not look beyond their borders for new markets or customers. These producers focused on embracing new technology and furthering a revolution in quality.  It became the Empson’s mission to expose the world to the unique wines that Italy had been crafting for centuries.

Neil and Maria were pioneers when they began importing Italian wines into the United States in 1971. They spent countless hours driving the Italian countryside in search of producers that could share in their vision of quality, consistency, and remarkability.

The Empsons focused on creating relationships with boutique producers that emphasized excellence and value. It was a leap of faith that became a relationship of mutual esteem and trust, which with time, blossomed into friendship. Over 45 years later, Neil and Maria, along with their daughter Tara, are still at the forefront of the wine industry and have since expanded their reach, bringing Italian wines to countries across the globe.

About Us

Empson (U.S.A.), Inc., the United States center of operations,was formed in 1991 to better serve an ever increasing demand for quality imported wines.

Empson (U.S.A.), Inc., the United States center of operations, was formed in 1991 to better serve an increasing demand for quality imported wines. The company’s headquarters office is located in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area, and leads a nationwide sales team of veteran managers. Under the guidance of Neil & Maria and the experienced corporate team of Empson USA the portfolio has expanded to include imports from all parts of Italy as well as New Zealand and Chile. The landscape of the wine industry is dynamically changing and the palate of the consumer today is ephemeral. The search for new producers with exciting and innovative production technologies supported by rich foundations of agricultural history is never ending. The vision for Empson USA remains unfaltering; a promise to always make the viticultural jewels of the world available to consumers for generations to come.

What Can We Do For You?

Reliability, personalized sales support, and logistical management have always been at the forefront of the Empson USA mission, and it is our goal to provide the highest-quality service and product obtainable.

  • Empson USA focuses heavily on the product to value ratio. The American market is saturated with wine offerings, and the ability to consistently provide competitively priced, high quality products is a defining element of our portfolio.
  • Empson USA maintains inventory in two warehouses in the United States to ensure continuity of wine supply.
  • Empson USA is dedicated to education and information sharing. Our website is under constant examination and development, offering new tools, marketing materials, and easy access to third party reviews.

And Why Would You Choose Us?

40 Years

For over 40 years Empson’s commitment to representing quality wines has never wavered. The Empson family has and always will be flanked by a team of highly experienced executives. As the company ownership gradually transitions from one generation to the next, this commitment to their customers remain steadfast.

The global headquarters is still located in Milan, with Empson USA, Empson Canada, and Empson Japan proudly supporting the Empson name and tradition abroad.

50 States

Empson USA has distribution in all 50 states. These long-term partnerships are key in providing continuity of supply to all clients.

Empson USA employs a team of experienced Sales Managers strategically located around the country to support customers on all levels of the three-tier system.


Empson has grown from a two-person organization operating out of an unassuming apartment in Milan to a multinational corporation. The Empson name has become synonymous with excellence, effectively representing over 50 of the finest estates.

Maria’s Artwork

Maria (Gemma) Empson, an artist born in America to a family with deep Italian roots. Her travels through Italy has inspired her to capture the beauty of winemaking in a series of ink, pencil, and watercolor works.

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