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Canella at the Mohegan Sun WineFest 2012
We want to extend our appreciation to the lovely ladies of Canella, Nicoletta and Alessandra who participated in the Mohegan Sun WineFest 2012 this past weekend. The Sun WineFest was a fun & exciting event that gave Nicoletta and Alessandra the opportunity to share their bubbles with consumers. The women commented on the event; ?We were able to speak directly with consumers who were extremely interested in learning about quality Italian wines and the Bellini Cocktail, Blood Orange Mimosa & Prosecco. The best part was that after awhile, people were approaching our table saying ?I was told to come and try your Blood Orange Mimosa and Bellini Cocktail because they are so delicious!? Customers were so pleased to learn that these products contain no added sugar and no preservatives. Many said that they drink Prosecco often and that Canella Prosecco is the best Prosecco they?ve ever had.? Both Nicoletta and Alessandra were very impressed with the attendees? curiosity and willingness to try new products and share their excitement and knowledge with others. In fact, their table was so popular that they ran out of wine & cocktails before the end of the show! Canella hopes to make their participation in this wonderful festival an annual event.

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